How to dress well if you are a man over 50

As we get older dressing age appropriately can make a man look younger and not as if he is trying too hard to be young. It can be a sign of a midlife crisis when men over 50 start wearing clothes that are way too young for them and this only makes them stand out for the wrong reasons. Here are some guidelines for getting the most out of your clothes.

Make sure the clothes you buy fit well and are not too big or small. If clothes are too big they will swamp you making you look smaller and possibly fatter than you really are. Clothes are too small and exposed flesh in the wrong places is not a good look.

Invest in good jeans that are not washed out, ripped , skinny or falling off your butt! All of these looks are far to young. Paying for a good pair of jeans that fit well will not only last longer but will also look so much better. Go for a slightly darker colour as they look more classic. Get some idea from celebrities that are over 50 an wear a similar look to you.

Always have clean shined shoes. It makes a big difference if you are dressed beautifully and then your shoes let you down. Make sure they are in good condition, clean and shined. If you want to wear trainers make sure to wear a classic pair that again are clean and avoid high fashion bright coloured ones.

Buy a good quality belt. Many men like to wear a belt and having a good quality one in brown, black or navy will go with your clothes. Ideally one in each colour to make sure you have one for every outfit! Old belts that are scuffed and dented will not do, just get rid of them!

Buy a tailored blazer as you will be able to pair it with jeans as well as trousers. It will be a wardrobe staple for a long time and will look great with a smart shirt underneath but always make sure to tuck the shirt in

How to dress well if you are a man over 50

How to dress well if you are a man over 50

. A good blazer can take you from day into night and will be a solid investment.

Wear colours and make sure that you buy more subtle ones rather than bright primary colours that are harder to wear as we get older. Take some time to find the colours that suit you and concentrate on buying clothes in those colours.

Stick to there guidelines and you wont go far wrong.

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